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SaaS platform-based solutions that activate smarter and more effective TV monetization, content, advertising and commerce opportunities at scale.

Artificial Intelligence

CARL is the supercomputer behind the Connekt platform. Our artificial intelligence and deep learning engine seamlessly and automatically processes, transforms and analyzes billions of unstructured TV viewership, engagement and commerce data points to provide reliable predictive targeting, ad delivery and measurement for marketers.

CARL enables the following:

  • Cognitive Recognition: real-time identification of what’s on screen including content, object, advertiser, sentiment, sponsor, audio, character
  • Artificial Intelligence: algorithms connect cognitive identifiers with hyper-targeted contextually relevant offers instantaneously
  • Reactive Data: real-time consumer interaction data provides on the fly offer optimization
  • Deep Learning: predictive models get smarter over time to adjust probability indexes and targeting
CARL: Artificial Intelligence

Ad Tools

Connekt’s proprietary ad delivery platform enables in-moment campaigns to be created, optimized and managed from one centralized interface. Enables seamless access and message delivery to millions of connected devices and in-content experiences. Available for partners to utilize on a self-serve basis or as part of a managed solution.

Reporting & Analytics

Combining real-time viewership data with 1st party engagement and transaction data enables Connekt to provide partners with audience insights and behavioral research to fully measure ROI of their TV media investment. Reporting and analytics available for partners through easy to access web-based toolset and custom research available as needed.

DATASCOPE: Reporting & Analytics