Advancing Advanced Advertising: Q&A With Connekt's Tripp Boyle

Advancing Advanced Advertising: Q&A With Connekt's Tripp Boyle

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The world of advanced advertising continues to innovate. Take the example of Connekt, which makes use of AI to dynamically insert interactive advertising in content and synchronize with T-commerce and ecommerce.

According to Tripp Boyle, the company’s senior vice president, sales strategy and business development, Connekt is also offering the first-ever voice-activated, national TV ad campaign, which was recently showcased at CES.

Charlene Weisler: What is your definition of advanced TV?

Tripp Boyle: Advanced TV is what defines today’s TV ecosystem.  The proliferation of connected smart TV devices (now active in 74% of U.S. TV households) be it through HD streaming content, TV everywhere technology, the advent of t-commerce, addressable linear and VOD opportunities and more means that TV is more advanced than ever and will continue to evolve.

Weisler: What are the most critical data points in advanced advertising?

Boyle: Factors vary campaign to campaign.  Right now in advanced TV advertising, we’re seeing data like location, HH demographics, and context bubble to the surface in terms of activation prioritization.

Enabling dynamic local messaging on top of national ad spots, highlighting different products from the same brand depending on household profile, or keying in on a specific offer tied to a precise moment on the television within ads or programming are some of the most common use cases.

Weisler: Describe your solutions for an ecommerce project.

Boyle: Our ecommerce solution is an outsourced, multi-channel, white label storefront that offers  clients a new channel of revenue without the traditional funds and manpower needed to set up an internal site.  Connekt handles the back-end technology, product development, merchandising, marketing, fulfillment of orders and customer service. For example, we recently announced the launch

With our ongoing partnership with ABC, Connekt’s platform supports every aspect of the network’s by managing site hosting and web development. We also create official brand gear for its franchises, including apparel, drinkware, home goods and collectibles.

Once a viewer purchases a product, Connekt then fulfills the order, ensuring that the item is processed and delivered, and all customer service inquiries are met. Connekt is introducing a future where viewers will be able to purchase items with their remote or voice through our owned and operated ShopTV smart TV application, which is currently available on Sony, LG and Hisense smart TVs.

Weisler: Can you talk a little bit about your recent patent? 

Boyle: Our patented technology gives audiences the ability to interact with, research and purchase items viewed on TV and video, in real-time.  When an ad is displayed on screen, viewers can purchase directly through a wide array of devices, such as remote controls, phones and voice-activated assistants.

Weisler: Do you collect data? If so, how do you use it?

Boyle: The non-PII data that we gather is centered on viewership, attention, and engagement at the device level.  Our data helps identify who’s watching, what content, for how long, on what networks, and who’s engaging, at what time, to understand who is most receptive to a message.

We share that anonymized data back to our advertising partners to help as a planning tool. We also build audience segments around that data.

Connekt Inks Deal To Bring Interactive Shopping To Sony TVs

by  , October 2, 2018

The connected TV technology firm Connekt has signed a deal with Sony to bring T-commerce functionality to the company’s lineup of TV sets and Blu-Ray players.

At launch, Connekt’s ShopTV app, available through Sony’s app store, allows consumers to shop for clothing, electronics or other products through their TV or Blu-Ray player. Over time, the companies plan to add in-program purchasing. Buying a product as it appears onscreen, or during a commercial, as well as voice-controlled buying.

“Shoppability is critically important, and it is the low-hanging fruit when you think of being able to drive interactivity off of the screen,” Mike O’Donnell, Connekt’s CRO, tells Digital News Daily.

“It can sit with localization and it can sit with personalization. Dynamic ads bring new monetization opportunities by being able to deliver personalized messages to those consumers, and also able to localize them. That is not as seamless in a linear TV experience as it is in the digital world," he adds.

For smart TV makers and the makers of connected TV devices, the promise of T-commerce is significant. As competition drives the prices of hardware down, the need to find other ways to monetize increases.

“To be able to, as an OEM, to take a leading position in T-commerce, is valuable to them,” says Tripp Boyle, Connekt’s senior vice president, business development.

T-commerce is also becoming a focal point for retailers, which are looking to drive digital growth in a world where Amazon is dominant.

"A big part of our initiative is educating the marketplace, helping these brands take the first steps into the world of T-commerce,” Boyle says. “We are helping bridge the gap between what they are doing to make television smarter in TV content, and linking it back to the significant investment brands make in traditional television.”

“The message to a lot of these retailers: Don’t lose your space on the screen to the big guy,” Boyle says.