Bring the Big Screen to Life

Wide range of interactive ad formats enable marketers to directly engage with their target audiences.

In-content Overlay

Opens up new advertising opportunities within a content experience

In Content Overlay

In-ad Overlay

Enables existing linear TV advertising to add a digital engagement / augmentation layer

In Ad Overlay


Enables advertisers to digitally re-target consumers who have seen their TV ads



Connekt patent for T-Commerce enables seamless and secure viewer engagement and checkout by combining consumer profiles with pre-existing registration services.


Transactional Brand Channels

Open up immersive brand experiences optimized for the living room

Transactional Brand Channels


Connekt’s owned and operated application drives the convergence of television, advertising, and commerce – offering over-the-top (OTT) video, apps and brand channel opportunities for advertisers to create an interactive experience for connected TV viewers.